Suffragette Yoga postures


This week, in a build up to the live art finale in celebration of the 101st International Women’s Day at the Construction Gallery on the 8th of March, Performance Klub Fiskulturnik will  be posting Suffragette Yoga postures for viewers to practice and master.

Therefore sisters and brothers, it is time to warm up and start flexing those social muscles that will allow you to increase personal flexibility and raise the awareness of ‘The Woman Question’ .


Hold each posture for 30 to 60 seconds.

Remember to breathe.

Always repeat the posture to the other side (if it applies).

Practice postures daily.

Attend the live event on the 8th of March .

Join us in a collective Suffragette Yoga exercise.

 Long live the International Women’s Day!

Suffragette Slet 2012 – Flocking of Birds

Performance Klub Fiskulturnik celebrates 101st International Women’s Day with live art performance Suffragette Slet 2012 – Flocking of birds on the 8th of March 2012 at the Construction Gallery.

PKF is developing site-specific material that employs group interaction and performance making possibilities facilitated by the social media. Drawing on the aesthetic of suffragettes, socialist female workers, revolutionary monuments, mass calisthenics and Agit-prop the piece will be directed and co-ordinated via social media, culminating in a live performance.