The Yellow Wallpaper – scratch performance at Jacksons Lane’s Postcards festival

We are presenting a work in progress piece on 12th of June at Jacksons Lane as as a part of Lab:Time evening during the Postcards festival together with 9 other scratch acts / pieces.
We’ll present a 10 min performance conceived during an intensive research day at the Circus Space back in April.

Visual artist / director Lara Ritosa Roberts and circus artist Zoe Jones collaborated on ways of staging a narrative based on the Yellow Wallpaper story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman – a prominent American sociologist, novelist and writer, described as a ‘utopian feminist’.

Written in 1890, in a diaristic style, it follows a woman suffering from ‘mental exhaustion’ and depression, confined to a rest room by her doctor husband in order to recuperate. As a part of her recovery therapy she’s forbidden from writing, expressing herself or socialising. Locked in her room she becomes obsessed with the wallpaper patterns…

For this scratch performance, we added the creative input of film maker and artist Duncan Reekie, a founder member of the infamous Exploding Cinema Collective, who provided projections for the piece. The soundtrack features Marcel Duchamp ‘La mariée mise à nu par ses celibataires même’ and words from the story narrated by Elise Roberts.

More info about the whole evening can be found here.

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