Exhibitions and projects :

Glad to be a part Southwark Park Galleries 2022 Open, with the Story Which will Never be Finished, screening daily from 13 NOVEMBER – 3 DECEMBER 2022


Multi media exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria, Pula, Croatia featuring sculpture, installation and video performances. Video performances created in collaboration with Klaudia Wittmann, Arturo Bandinelli and Marko Racan & produced by Ketrin Milicevic – Mijosek & MSUI, July 2021. Photos by Giordano Cellich, Igor Drazic and Richard Glynn Roberts.

Director and lecturer of Alternative Dramaturgy module for 3rd year BA European Arts graduates exploring contemporary multi-media performance making inspired by the work of Tadeusz Kantor. Our final show ‘Ruminations’ can be viewed on


EVENTS – EXPERIMENT 6 (weebly.com)

Performance Klub Fiskulturnik will be helping the Nation limber up towards Lifting of the Lockdown…expect World Beating Interventions throughout the event on 10th of April 2021. More info tbc.

Museum of Contemporary Arts of Istria, Croatia

Creative team

London : Klaudia Wittmann (performer) & Arturo Badinelli (film maker and cinematographer)

Pula : Ketrin Milicevic Mijosek (curator), Marko Racan (video producer) & Tatjana Merkl (musician)

Part of the installation consist of archived film footage from Croatian State Archives – Collection of Croatian Short Films (HR-HDA-1387) and the archives of FKK Jelen – Pula Film Factory.

The Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria kindly allowed us to film objects from their collection.

Special thank you for their advice to Ines Pletikos, Nevena Trgovcic, Larisa Drinkovic Skalic, Lada Durakovic, Marko Zdravkovic-Kunac & Alana Bradbeer.

Sound piece ‘Beautiful Happy Days’ dedicated to the loving memory of sound producer and friend Iztok Mravlje – Itz, who sadly passed away in October 2020.

Group exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria, Pula, HR


An exhibition dedicated to contemporary performance art in Istria, held in a beautiful space of MSUI/MACI in Pula (my home town). The show will feature photographs, videos, objects and other ‘performance remains’ from a number of Istrian artists working in the field of performance art. The opening will coincide with the Night of Museums 2018, a free annual  and national event on the 26th of January 2018.


I will be showing videos and photographs from PK Fiskulturnik performances together with ‘Yugo yoga : The Long March’ installation. During the opening night there’ll be 3 short reconstructions of my past performances introduced and hosted by my colleagues, art historians and performers Gordana Trajkovic and Tina Sirec-Dzodan.


Revolution Yoga is a 2017 take on PK Fiskulturnik’s Yugo Yoga piece (2008-2013) as a nod to 100 years since the Russsian revolution. It will be performed at Test Dept’s Assembly of Disturbance festival at Red Gallery, London on 6 & 7th Ocotober 2017.

Join PK Fiskulturnik in this participatory performances that fuses elements of yoga, archived physical exercises (fiskultura), poses from socialist-realist sculptures, revolutionary slogans and New age messages of self improvement. Whilst emphasising a need for theory to manifest itself as a practical deed, Revolution Yoga wishes to communicate through an act of embodiment – directly to and through the body. The viewers are invited to immerse themselves directly in the artwork thus arousing the spirit of egality and collaboration.


Final Yugo yoga performance this year will happen on 12/12/12 at Nottingham’s Spanky Van Dykes. More info about the event can be found at the link below


Yugo yoga is a series of participatory performances that cross over visual art, live art & movement theatre by fusing elements of yoga, archived physical exercises (fiskultura), poses and gestures from figurative revolutionary sculptures, political slogans and New age messages of self improvement. Coined from ‘Yugoslavia’ – (the country of Lara Ritosa Roberts’ birth that no longer exists) & ‘yoga’, the union, the performance revisits European communist cultural heritage whilst raising issues of collectivism & social happiness in contemporary society. It also draws a parallel between physical effort and determination of spirit – a need for theory to manifest itself as a practical deed. Yugo yoga is adaptable, site specific & responsive piece that wishes to communicate through an act of embodiment – directly to and through the body.  Since its conception in 2008, Lara has been  developing Yugo yoga both as a solo and group piece in a variety of settings and contexts:  from parks, city squares, clubs, theatres and galleries to workshops and conferences. The material is often presented as a group 20 min long ‘intervention’ or lately as a durational installation piece using projections. Yugo yoga featured at many festivals and events including Tate Britain (2010), Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade (2011) & Whitstable Biennale (2012) to name but a few.


Yugo Yoga : the Long March will feature on Saturday 13th October at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester as a part of Emergency 2012. 

Lara will perform a durational performance, lasting about 4 hours and featuring some 60 yugo yoga postures. More info about the venue, the festival and my work below:

Word of Warning presents Emergency
A day-long free marathon of the bold, the bizarre and the beautiful.
Saturday 13 October 2012, Manchester

Word of Warning’s second performance collection launches with a manic weekend of all things live on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 October 2012.  Presented as part of the Manchester Weekender, the city explodes in a wave of all things cultural.

The 13th Emergency is the biggest yet: 40 live works in a daytime of installations and interactions at BLANKSPACE and Castlefield Gallery, followed by an evening programme of sit-down performance at Z-arts – and as ever, all free:

A man rolling a giant ball of rubber bands around the city; a woman emerging from a bed of earth; iconic communist iconography through the medium of yoga; and a bear having a shave… canapé-wielding mirror-twins; a Sex and the City homage and a rock-ukulele-pop concert.  1 day, 3 venues, 40 live works.

Emergency takes place on Sat 13 Oct at BLANKSPACE + Castlefield Gallery (12-5pm) and at Z-arts (6-10pm) FREE.  Participating artists include:
70/30 Split  |  Angel Club (north)  |  aswespeakproject  |  Diego Bowie  |  Burrow + Lee  |  Clare Charnley  |  Josh Coates |  Stephanie Douet  |  Evans + Gaskell  | Chris Fitzsimmons  |  Georgie Grace  |  Kitty Graham  |  anton hecht  | Larkin’ About | Liam Herne  |  Yoko Ishiguro  |  Wayne Steven Jackson  |  Miyuki Kasahara  |  Alexandra Kraszkó   |  Alice Malseed  |  Massive Owl + Jenny Duffy  |  Leo Olamerino  |  Julieann O’Malley  |   PK Fiskulturnik  | Platt, Birchall + Hussain  |  Kris Rowland  |  Clarissa Sacchelli  |  Sedated By A Brick  |  Qasim Riza Shaheen  |  Sh!t Theatre  |  Robin Sidwell  |  Lena Simic  |  Nicola Smith  |  Moreno Solinas  |  Streethead  |  Sturgeon’s Law  |  Allan Taylor  |  Katie Taylor  |  Jojo Townsend  |  Sam Treadaway



The week after, on Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th  October, Lara will showcase a version of the same performance in London at Testbed 1 Gallery as a part of Acts of…



On Friday 5th October, Lara took  part in Fiona Templeton’s ‘ Bodies of memory’ performance at the Tate Britain.  




Lara was invited to present her PK Fiskulturnik performances at this years Whitstable Biennale. She’s joined for this occasion by  a contemporary dancer Klaudia Wittman and acctress Elise Roberts.

Three themes run through this years performance programme as a whole: Delivering Text, Moving Sculpture and Faith & Trickery. We’re performing Fragments from The Yellow wallpaper, Yugo yoga and A Story Which will never be finished on saturday 15th September At The Royal Native Oyster Store from 8pm.

At 5pm on the 16th – come and join us in mass Yugo yoga practice on the beach in front of the Biennale HQ.